Writing Guidelines

We're working with some of the best writers and athletes in the game, but don't let that fool you: We're looking for new and exciting voices to welcome into the fold of climbing journalism. Got loads of experience? Great, we want to hear from you. Never published a thing in your life? Awesome, send us a pitch.

Send all pitches to Michael Levy at or

- We welcome pitches as well as finished pieces.

- We're always looking for good modern-day adventure stories, whether that be an epic at your home crag, a bare-bones expedition to a seldom visited range, or a rescue deep-dive.

- Word Limits: We don't have any. Longform is our bread and butter. Some stories only need 1,000 words to be told well. Others need 10,000.

- We rarely publish fiction, but are not opposed to it and welcome pitches.

- Other types of articles we're always looking for: personal narratives, profiles, historical pieces, looks at new (or old) areas/destinations, philosophical essays.

Photography Guidelines

We only accept original photos captured by human beings (whether that be with a handheld camera or drone) and original artwork made by human beings. No AI-generated submissions please.

Summit Journal has room in each issue for both standalone shots and galleries.

Please be prepared to send hi-res images.

Send all photo submissions to