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Founded in 1955 by Jean Crenshaw and Helen Kilness, Summit was THE climbing magazine of its day. For 40 years, the world’s best climbing writers filled its pages. Royal Robbins, Yvon Chouinard, David Roberts. Arlene Blum, Jon Krakauer, Chris Bonington, John Gill. The list goes on and on.

The tales Summit published—of daring and dirtbaggery, of connection and commitment—are woven into the fabric of rock climbing. But that journalistic tradition? It’s imperiled. There is no independent, trusted voice left in climbing media.

Which is why we’re bringing Summit back.

Print only. Archival quality. Large format (10x13”). Two issues per year. The best longform climbing writing and photography on the planet. The soul of the sport on the page.

The new Summit Journal will channel the irreverent spirit of the original, while pushing into new territory. Bouldering, sport, trad, and alpinism — none of it is off-limits. And that goes for people, too: There will be elite climbers alongside folks you’ve never heard of. Anyone with a story to tell.

But we need your help.

Without readers—that is, you—a magazine isn't worth the paper it's printed on. Support independent climbing journalism by subscribing to Summit’s first issue in over 25 years.

This is going to be fun.

Michael Levy, Editor

  • Jeff Jackson
    Conrad Anker
    Angie Payne
    Ed Douglas

  • Tommy Caldwell
    Maureen Beck
    Keith Ladzinski
    Jan Novak

  • John Long
    Mailee Hung
    Francis Sanzaro
    Owen Clarke

  • Margo Hayes
    Chris Kalman
    Babsi Zangerl
    Michael Wejchert

  • Lauren Miller
    Jeff Long
    Shawnte Salabert
    Tim Kemple

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