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Founding Partner - Lifetime Subscription

Founding Partner - Lifetime Subscription

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Jean Crenshaw and Helen Kilness founded Summit in 1955. We're offering a lifetime subscription for $1,955. In addition, you'll receive:

  • Permanent inclusion on our masthead under the heading "Founding Partners"
  • Your pick of one of two signed limited edition 16x20" framed cover prints (we'll email you to ask which one you want)
      • June 1963: The American Everest expedition. SIGNED by Jim Whittaker, the first American to summit Everest
      • May 1971: The Denali Damsels. SIGNED by Arlene Blum, leader of the first all-woman ascent of Denali

Every year, you'll get two issues of Summit Journal delivered to your door, chock full of the world's best longform climbing writing and photography.

  • Large format (10x13")
  • Archival quality paper
  • Print only (and we only print as many copies as we have subscribers)

First issue due early 2024.

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Established 1955. Resurrected 2023.


Crafted Stories

Inside each issue you’ll find superlative longform journalism. From our award-winning authors, expect nuanced profiles, humorous epics, first ascent tales, and harrowing survival stories that unfold before your eyes. Whether about a hard-won victory or lesson learned, Summit Journal gives each story the room it deserves.

Curated Photos

Summit Journal's large-format, high-quality paper brings the world's best climbing photography to life like no screen ever could. Each image chosen for our pages has to be exceptional. 

What Won't Be Inside

You won't find sponsored content, how-to articles, gear reviews, or listicles in Summit Journal. Our sole commitment is to authentic storytelling and breathtaking imagery. Long live print.


Summit Journal is made by climbers. We're not beholden to private investors or corporate interests. Our only goal is to make the best damn magazine we can.